Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

ASTRONAUT / mo10sen

I made this space-guy as mascot for my frinds at  erste-elf last year.

This is just a little quick´n´dirty tracking test. I shoot with a Canon 500 D, track with Boujou and play with comp in AE and Final Cut Pro X. 3D is as always Cinema 4D.


Sonntag, 7. August 2011

free VRayStudioTools by Josef Bsharah


hier mal was für alle C4D und Vray User. Josef Bsharah  hat ein tolles  light & studio setup for FREE released:

nice weekend

Mittwoch, 3. August 2011 s02e10 / playing with r13


a little addon to the C4D r13 sneak preview. 

- all possible stereo-setups (editor & render)
- collision deformer ( U will wonder what he did exept colliding)
- realtime font selection preview
- the physical render progressive mode

( 22 minutes and this time in english ! yeah )

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Montag, 1. August 2011 s02e09 / C4D r13 sneak preview

Yeah...after Maxon is so kind and announced C4D r13 today ...I like to invite U , to have a first look at that new, shiny baby :)...

Its awesome!

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Ich hab einen extra Topic im neuen Forum gemacht, falls ihr drüber reden möchtet =)...


MAXON enthüllt CINEMA 4D Release 13


das warten hat ein Ende. Maxon kündigt die ultrafantastische R13 an, Weinachten für C4D nerds!
Mehr Infos hier.
Meine Lieblingsfatures:

- physical DoF
- physical motionblure
- stereoscopic stuff

Aber die neuen Charakter-Tools sind auch hamma.

mo s02e08 / m4d part 2

I´m back with Mental Ray for C4D exploration. In this part 2 I have a depher look at all of the GI modes and some stuff m4d offers.

- Unified Sampling
- Image Based Lightning
- standart GI
- Final Gathering
- Importons
- Irradiance Particles
- quick view on MIA material
- Ambient Occlusion (and his MR special behavior)
- Framebuffers
- how good handling all the GI modes animation
- DoF
- m4d limitations

download this colorfull wallpaper​DrpaLq7
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Thanx again to at2 !