Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012 s03e04 onTour / Tokyo 2010


to close the 2010 trilogy, here is, what we do after finishing "MTV celebrity bites". Maxon invites Manuel from Aixsponza to holding a speak in Tokyo, and coz he choose that MTV project and I also very like to see japan, we  take our lady´s and doing the trip together.

- wet hello from shibuya
- harajuku and cosplay
- visiting Maxon HQ japan
- the wonders of akihabara
- Maxon event in Tokyo
- Manuel explains disco-mirror-ball setup (
- what "don quichotte" means in akihibara
- visiting WOW studios  ( )
- dahai shibata  (
- visiting ph studio (
- handling schinkaaaanssseeennnnnn =)

it´s 1h german

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4 Kommentare:

  1. Hello Mostyle,
    I'm a japanese architect based in UK.
    I have been checking your blog for long time, this was quite interesting post although, I cannot understand what you were saying.
    Im really hoping that you are gonna make some tutorial of your work.
    Anyway, thanks for showing cool works. They inspired me a lot.

  2. Vielleicht ein Buch für dich:

    Ansonsten mal wieder ein netter Tokyo Einblick, leider ein bißchen wenig C4D:-)

  3. Cooler Film! Danke für die interessanten Eindrücke, Mo!

    CU, akima