Freitag, 1. November 2013

making of : r15 intro effect - part 02

Here is the promised "making of" of the Voxel Effect I did in the r15 special Intro.

I starting from scratch and splitt it in parts. This is part 2 with shows the tech behind the voxels.

- preparing the szene
- preparing a dummy model for the voxel
- a bit oldscool stuff behind pixel/ voxels
- using c4d mograp-tool to voxelise things
-using VOXYGEN by
- convert and let explode the voxels

50 min / english


2 Kommentare:

  1. Great and entertaining tut as always. Thank you.
    Where are you getting your soundeffects from?
    If you do it by yourself, you have full control over the timing,
    Otherwise if you downloaded a premade soundsample from another source, you have to match the timing with your animation. Maybe you have a few words in your next tutorial.
    Thanks again. Matthias

    1. hi,

      and thanks, in this case i did the "sound effect" be myself just let some tiny pearls falling in a plastic bowl and recorder it with my iPhone … later I mixed some different sounding versions to a final one.