Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

Quick Tip: Total control over Turbulence FD with X-Particles / augenhorn


hier ein großartiger tip aka  minitutorial , Erklärung vom Autor:

I`ve seen people complaining about Turbulence FD not supporting Cinema 4Ds particle Forces like Rotation, Wind etc. Using any particle system you can control Turbulence FD`s fluid behavior in a very sophisticated way though. Just give your particle emitter a Turbulence FD Emitter Tag with some number in "Velocity weight" under the Forces tab. This way turbulence FD will imitate the behavior of the particles. Kind of. It is better to say that you are painting a velocity field which Turbulence FD uses for simulating the fluid. the amount of particles, the radius in the particles Emitter(the TFD one) tag and the value in "Velocity Weight" will change the image drastically. A value of 0.5 and a radius of 20 gave me a kind of "imitating" behavior by TFD, but there's some trial and error. So get a Titan and play.
Now, let's create a Tornado...

...bitte mehr davon, Herr Augenhorn.


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