Montag, 20. Juni 2016 s07e04 / mixamo

Hi ,

 i show, how you use the website to get motioncaptured  3D Charakters and import them into Cinema 4D.
Thats the base  what I do, for all the latest dancing Videos I post here.

It´s the first step for your own mocap based animations.

- few words about this dance vids and instagram
- chosing charakter and give him a mocap animation at mixamo
- import own charakters into mixamo and giving them mocap animation
- export as fbx and inport into C4D
- first raw examples , what U can do than
- a bit of thea renderer

33 min / english

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  1. Cool, danke. War vor Kurzem über Fuse + Mixamo gestolpert, aber habe Fuse erst jetzt beim Ansehen installiert. Da wird jetzt sicher erstmal ordentlich Zeit mit verbraten..