Montag, 1. August 2011 s02e08 / m4d part 2

I´m back with Mental Ray for C4D exploration. In this part 2 I have a depher look at all of the GI modes and some stuff m4d offers.

- Unified Sampling
- Image Based Lightning
- standart GI
- Final Gathering
- Importons
- Irradiance Particles
- quick view on MIA material
- Ambient Occlusion (and his MR special behavior)
- Framebuffers
- how good handling all the GI modes animation
- DoF
- m4d limitations

download this colorfull wallpaper​DrpaLq7
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Thanx again to at2 !


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  1. Jetzt bin ich aber ma gespannt wie n Schnitzel - ich warte nur noch kurz bis die HD Version fertig ist :)