Samstag, 10. August 2013

free / full rigged Cinema 4D characters

rereleased on youtube: group member Nils Gellissen give his two sweet 3D charakters to U. They are fully rigged including Face-Rigg, Sofi has a bit cloth and rigged hair.

This Video just showed a few basics about the RIGG. Thumbs up Nils , for his kindness to share the result of his own learning experiences, and giving something back to the community.

here are the C4D files:

It´s for C4D r13 and Vray, bud works without Vray, too.

nice weekend

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  1. These are amazing! Thanks so much! In the female version the cloth tags don't seem to be detecting collisions though (in r15, without updating the rig controls). Been trying hard to figure it out- any advice?