Donnerstag, 1. August 2013

helloluxx new training sessions coming soon

Did U notice, that teasing new training sessions? In this case U can learn making a sweet TV ident like this from scratch. Isn´t that great ? Before web 2.0, I learned my first C4D mograph-module steps from some free fieles on Tim´s old website.

Bud he and his blog is great anyway, so bookmark that NOW! =)



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  2. With the soon to be released helloluxx relaunch, it´s going to be a super advanced helloluxx compared to the blog you know by now :)

    Beside that Training session, there´s going to be A TON of new content and training stuff, includind "crafting productshots with cinema4d", and many many more :)

    really looking forward to that relaunch! it´s going to be really valuable one!